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The purpose of this page is to find the iPhone application that suits you better, and Mastodon is exciting.

Just because there are many Y in the comparison table, the application is not necessarily easy to use.I recommend you to actually compare and compare with some applications.

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I cannot be using smartphone and table of genuine Android for cost reasons.

If you have any mistakes, please do not hesitate to point out to me.

Mastdon clients for Android

Tusky for Mastodon

MastoPane for Mastodon (公開終了)

mastty for Mastodon (公開終了)

マストドンアプリ「Pawoo」 (公開終了)

Cosian for Twitter & Mastodon (公開終了)

Tootaloo (公開終了)

Twidere for Twitter/Mastodon

TootyFruity (公開終了)

Donald Mastodon (公開終了)

11t (公開終了)


Mastobone (公開終了)

dndkodon mastodon client (公開終了)


Ashra (公開終了)

Fedilab (公開終了)

Subway Tooter (公開終了)

マストドンアプリ(日本語版) Tootter3.0 for Mastodon (公開終了)

トマドン(十日町市のMastodon) (公開終了)

Tootdon for Mastodon (公開終了)

Troutoss – Mastodon client (公開終了)

Leon -マストドンクライアントアプリ (公開終了)

Function compare table for Android

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