Compare Mastodon clients for Windows Apps

The purpose of this page is to find the Windows/UWP application that suits you better, and Mastodon is exciting.

Just because there are many Y in the comparison table, the application is not necessarily easy to use.I recommend you to actually compare and compare with some applications.

Japanese version is here.

Mastdon clients for Windows/UWP

Get $Mastodon from the Microsoft Store
This is an app for connecting to Mastodon. It can access the most popular instances from your Windows 10 device. Mastodon is a free, open-source social network...
Get $Flantter from the Microsoft Store
Flantter is twitter client and mastodon client for windows store. You have to create twitter account or mastodon account before using this app. Before start...
Get $Mammoth for Mastodon from the Microsoft Store
"Mastodon is more dynamic" It is such a Mastodon client application of the concept. The basic part will be able to dynamically move between instances by the u...
Get $Tuuto from the Microsoft Store
Tuuto is a open-source, lightweight client for Mastodon, a free and open-source social network server. Share words, photos, and videos with your friends all aro...
Get $WinMasto from the Microsoft Store
WinMasto is a UWP client for Mastodon, a GNU social-compatible federated social network. You can learn more about Mastodon at The goal of this project is t...
Get $Mstdn01 for Mastodon from the Microsoft Store
This is an app to access the 'Mastodon'. The 'Mastodon' is SNS like Twitter. You can use the rest API to read your home timeline. You can post messages with ...

Function compare table for Windows/UWP

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